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Venture Capital News. Success Story Jump with Tim Chaves. Funding rounds, statistics Week of June 18 - June 24: United States (33 - $1.12B), India (3 - $106M), United Kingdom (4 - $422M), France (3 - $39M), Israel (3 - $68M)

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LD Carbon, a pioneer in recovered carbon black production, recently closed a $28M Series C funding round led by Woven Capital, Toyota's growth fund. This investment will propel LD Carbon's mission to divert used tires from landfills and support the development of high-performance recycled car parts.

Ummeed Housing Finance, a Gurugram-based platform, recently raised a whopping USD 76 million in a series F round of funding. This equity infusion from A91 Partners LLP, Mirae Asset Venture Investments (India), Anicut Capital, and existing investors Norwest Venture Partners is set to propel Ummeed's expansion into central and southern India.

In a legal showdown that has captured the attention of consumers and industry observers alike, the U.S. government has taken decisive action against Adobe, the software powerhouse renowned for its popular products like Photoshop and Acrobat. The Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint in a San Jose court, leveling serious accusations against Adobe for allegedly engaging in deceptive practices that harm consumers.

The Biden administration has made a significant decision to ban the sale of Kaspersky antivirus software in the United States, citing serious national security risks and alleged ties to the Russian government. This ban, set to take effect in July, will impact both businesses and individual consumers, with penalties for any entities found to be in violation of the restrictions.

McDonald's recent trial with AI-powered drive-thru ordering systems has hit a roadblock, leading to the decision to pull the plug on the partnership with IBM. Despite the setbacks, the fast-food giant remains optimistic about the future of technology in its restaurants.

Waabi, a Toronto-based startup, secures $200 million in Series B funding to propel the development of fully driverless trucks by 2025. The investment, led by Uber and Khosla Ventures, includes strategic investors like Nvidia, Volvo, and Porsche, marking a significant milestone in the autonomous vehicle industry.

Finaloop, a dynamic e-commerce accounting startup, has successfully raised $35 million in Series A funding, with Lightspeed Venture Partners leading the investment round. This substantial funding injection signifies a pivotal moment for Finaloop as it continues to revolutionize the way online sellers manage their financial operations. By offering a real-time accounting platform tailored for e-commerce brands, Finaloop addresses the complexities of accounting and bookkeeping reconciliation in the digital marketplace landscape.

Anthropic has launched Claude 3.5 Sonnet, a game-changing AI model that promises unmatched performance and affordability in the enterprise AI landscape. This latest addition to the Claude model family sets new industry standards for intelligence, speed, and cost-efficiency.

Last week's funding rounds

103 funding rounds, -22% from last week.

Number of funding rounds in the last quarter - June 24, 2024 by Parsers VC

Total raised $4.55 billion, -66% since last week

Total raised $, bln - June 24, 2024 by Parsers VC

Compare with the same week last year

Funding rounds +22% from last year

Number of funding rounds compared to last year - June 24, 2024 by Parsers VC

Total raised +90% since last year

Total raised compared to last year $, bln - June 24, 2024 by Parsers VC

Funding rounds in United States

  • Tinybird Raises $30.27M Series B Round 

  • Princeton NuEnergy Raises $30M Series A Round 

  •  Raises $648.7K Pre-Seed Round 

  • Finaloop Raises $35M 

  • Raises $25M Series B Round at $550M Valuation 

  • Marigold Health Raises $11M Series A Round 

  • Talkiatry Raises $130M Series C Round 

  • Hark Raises $3.5M Seed Round 

  • Nomad Health Raises $22M 

  • SewerAI Raises $15M Series B Round 

  • Kapitus Raises $45M 

  • Liquid Instruments Raises $15M 

  • JOGO Health Raises $5.5M 

  • Alpen High Performance Products Raises $18M 

  • SuperMoney Raises $3.4M Series A Round 

  • Vehya Raises $2.1M Seed Round 

  • Fuze Raises $11.5M 

  • MeetRecord Raises $2.7M Seed Round 

  • Honeycomb Credit Raises $6M Seed Round 

  • Moonbeam Network Raises $13M 

  • PQShield Raises $37M Series B Round 

  • Pomelo Care Raises $46M Series B Round 

  • Huntress Raises $150M Series D Round 

  • Homes 4 the Homeless Raises $33K 

  • Semperis Raises $125M 

  • GrayMatter Robotics Raises $45M Series B Round 

  • Raises $20M Series A Round 

  • Cadana Raises $7.4M 

  • MEandMine Raises $4.5M 

  • Vecna Robotics Raises $100M Series C Round 

  • VERITUITY Raises $18.8M 

  • BillionToOne Raises $130M Series D Round 

  • Amplify Raises $20M Series B Round 

Funding rounds in United Kingdom

  • Hometree  Raises $324.33M 

  • Finbourne Raises $70.36M Series B Round 

  • SurrealDB Raises $20M 

  • SAVA Raises $8M Seed Round 

Funding rounds in India

  • U GRO Capital Raises $151.6K 

  • Aye Finance Pvt Ltd Raises $29.95M 

  • Ummeed Housing Finance Raises $76M Series F Round from Lightrock 

Funding rounds in France

  • Ramify Raises $11.89M 

  • epresspack_fr Raises $7.57M 

  • C12 Quantum Electronics Raises $19.46M 

Funding rounds in Israel

  • Entro Security Raises $18M Series A Round 

  • Zencity Raises $40M Series C Round 

  • Ever After Foods Raises $10M 

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